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Meet the SJSD Team

Racer Morgan.jpg


Morgan attended Unity College in Maine, where she earned a degree in adventure education. While there, she created an internship program that allowed her to work with a nearby dogsled touring company. The first time she stepped on a sled she knew that she had discovered her life's work. She's been running dogs ever since, and has been an integral part of dogsled companies in Maine, Utah, Montana, & Colorado. After 15 years, she's excited to be running her own dogs with SJSD!    



Christina has worked with SJSD's dogs for the past 3 years. She will be guiding tours with Morgan, as well as making sure everyone is enjoying themselves at the trail head. Look for her smile out on the trail or back at basecamp!  



Chris (pictured with Christina and Elvis) is SJSD's utility player. He has been involved with the dogs for the past several years, helping out in whatever way he can. Don't be surprised to see him driving the dog truck, grooming the trail, fixing whatever machinery he can get his hands on, and riding the runners all in the same day!



Peter met Morgan about a decade ago, and for some weird reason he's been surrounded by Malamutes ever since. He's the guy answering your emails and phone calls. He'll be up at the trail whenever he gets a chance, and is very excited to hop back on the sled after missing out the last couple years!      



This will be Amber's 7th season working with SJSD's dogs! She has primarily been a handler, trainer, and all around problem solver in the past, but every now and then she can be coaxed into stepping on the sled. We are very lucky to have her along for the ride this winter.  

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